CBD Cancer Treatment Is a Great Natural Treatment Method

In the last few years, there has been much speculation, leading to clinical research which attempts to understand the benefits CBD cancer treatment. There are some people who hold that there is no such benefit from CBD for cancer patients while others are convinced that it can be a potential treatment. The truth, however, is somewhere between the two.

All the research that has been done on the effects of CBD in curing cancer has been limited to animal subjects. The results, though not conclusive, have been highly encouraging. Here are some known effects of extracted CBD that are backed by research. Keep in mind that these are the collective results from a few studies that have been done solely on animal subjects:

  • CBD helps in stopping the division of cancer cells
  • It triggers and results in the death of cells through something called apoptosis mechanism.
  • It also prevents the growth of tumors in new blood vessels.
  • CBD has been found to reduce the chances of the spread of cancer cells over the body of the patient.
  • It is also beneficial in helping to speed up the waste disposal machine of internal cells. This process is known as autophagy and leads to the death of cells.

cbd cancer

As you can see, the research results till now have warranted further studies, possibly on human subjects which might make the medical community reach conclusive results. However, there are ethical constraints and doesn’t seem likely to be allowed at this point of time. Therefore, doctors have said generally held a similar opinion on the use of CBD as cancer treatment: It shows promise but it will take years of research studies and data gathering before the exact benefits and safety of use will be proved.

Apart from destroying cancer cells, CBD cancer treatment also has a number of other benefits in assisting the medically-approved treatments. Some of these benefits were already known before while some have been recently found during the cancer treatment research studies. It has been found to be a stress relaxer and can also help patients suffering from anxiety. It can be taken as a pain reliever in approved dosages.

In cancer treatment, besides the mainstream prevention of cancer cell growth, CBD cancer oil can help cancer patients in other ways as well. It can be administered medically right after intravenous cancer treatments to help manage pain and other common side effects. The use of this substance to reduce side-effects is also being looked into by medical experts.

Is it legal?

In several countries of the world, the buying and selling of marijuana is not legal; it is listed by the state as a controlled substance along with its cannabinoids which are the subject of research. Hence, they cannot be prescribed as drugs or even brought and sold as supplements.

In most countries, CBD cancer oil doesn’t have approval from quality inspection organizations. However, active steps are being taken to allow the use of this oil medically. Its many benefits, apart from cancer treatment have been already discussed